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::  chick, chick and chick think that the littles should be sharing their posisicles…

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after breakfast posisicles

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::  the ipod said that it’s battery wouldn’t make it all the way around the park today…

so i reluctantly headed out without it…my honey encouraging me to “just pray” my way ‘round…

but i was just way too distracted by all of the sounds i’ve been deprived of all these times while my ears have been plugged…

all of the bird and bug songs…the rustle of the leaves in the breeze…the chatter and laughter of people as they pass…

oh!  and the rhythmic swish-swish-swish, rubbing-together sound my thighs make as i drag myself along!

how tragic…me being deprived…and oblivious…of all that…all this while!!!

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i am lovely

because He loves me!

just think

– the Jesus storybook bible

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