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dear boy o’ mine,

‘member when you would follow the littles around with your camera and then mash it all up into fun little “bideos”?


i miss that

the summer olympics start tonight, you know…

‘member this little video you made after the last summer olympics?

‘member?  when you were all so much littler?  just four short summers ago?!?

~ misty mama ~

well, i’m posting this here ‘cause i love it…

and ‘cause i love you for spending so much time with all those littles…and capturing so much of that time…for when i’m old and all grey…and can’t ‘member it all so good anymore…

and ‘cause i hope it inspires you to dust off that camera again!

very sincerely,
me (your hopeful mama)

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dear blog,

it’s been a crappy couple o’ days…

lots of little things…all piled up…

and now my ‘tude…seriously stinks

desperately needs to be changed!

tomorrow, i’m gonna try my honey’s side of the bed…‘cause somethin’ must be seriously wrong with mine!

and with this song on my lips…

very sincerely,

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my birthday song

me in “the cathedral”…

and then…at 3:28…

arms thrown out…head tipped back…singin’ along…

me all sillyhappywatching those glorious raindrops falling from the heavensfeeling them splash on my face

oh…but then…at 5:00…

~ happy, happy shivers ~


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