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leftover slivers of soaps

my gramma ruth was a “saver”…having been born in the 20’s…grown up in the depression of the 30’s…and lived and served through a world war…

it was always fascinating…when i was still young and whenever we were out at the farm…to steal away down to the basement and poke through the time capsule that was her cellar closet…

or into auntie terry’s bedroom…where everything had stayed the way that she’d left it when she’d walked out the door as a new bride on that fall day in 1974.  her bureau top was still laid out with her childhood nick-knacks…her spread on the bed unchanged…her prom dress even-still hanging in the closet!

so after gramma passed, a lot of the things that my sisters came across as they worked to empty her house came as no surprise…

but there were a few

one, in particular, was the stash of leftover slivers of soaps that my younger sister discovered when she opened the cupboard doors and peered beneath the bathroom sink…

years…and years…worth of slivers!

some things were dispersed among family…some were donated…and some were (even) thrown away…

but some…like those soaps…my sister just couldn’t bear to toss…

so they went home with her and sat at her house for a time…until just this last christmas…when she had a (most) lovely thought

and when i opened our family’s gift from hers…i was so excited to find amongst the nummy homemade pickles and jams and jellies she’d made…my very own jar of gramma ruth’s soaps!

my older sister, my younger and i…none of us inherited the “saving” gene…

we’re more the opposite, really…gramma wouldn’t understand our tendency to periodically “purge”…

but the very thought that grampa and gramma’s work-worn hands lathered up with these soaps before supper…after a long day down at the barn or out in the fields…makes them worth my hanging ontowell worth my saving

that…and the priceless gift of getting to crack the lid every now and again and breathe in that all-too-familiar…but i never dreamed i’d smell againfragrance of them!

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cracking it open…and getting a whiff of her and him

2-10-14 - exposure 25

my lovely little jar of gramma ruth’s leftover slivers of soaps.

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life on my sill

i turned my back on my kitchen sink and headed off to bed tonight…even the minimal in me grinning at the cluttered state of my sill…

there’s a little purple saintpaulia…with two sweet little blooms…that grammy brought to cheer her mama,  gramma mary, when she was living out her last few days here.  and it just stayed on…thankfully…the thoughts of them it continually conjures up keeping me company while my hands are so often in the sink…

and there’s four, plump, red-ripe tomatoes that somehow found their way there from our always-generous mister paul and miss mary across the street…

and there’s a little, white bottle full of melatonin…that my midwife knew would help my pregnant brain settle down to sleep…

and there’s (even) a bloody tooth that was yanked out by that determined ten-year-old right before she headed off to dream…

and there’s a curiously-angular rock that grampy and that emma-girlso very little at the time…painted during one of our visits with them.  his sweet little red heart in the middle…her splotches of color o’er the rest…

and there’s a tiny rectangle of wood framing one of my most favorite pictures of him…when we were both still so young…and relishing in one of those most-memorable days on “our” island

and there’s a dainty, little silk sunflower that three-year-old jack found and presented to me when we were very first settling in here…“picked” for me from out of the overabundance of gramma mary’s craft supplies still left over down in the basement…

and it should probably all be tidied tomorrow…especially that tooth!

but for tonight…it’s just an utterly lovely reminder…againthat there is life here!

so much life having been lived…being livedright here!

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waking up…

12-15-13 - jenn


a quick little trip to help trim their tree…

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finding a sweet note in my box the very first thing…

having a lingering-long-after-she-cleared-our-table lunch date with him

learning they could all come to share our first peppermint ice cream and cocoa of the season…

that boy o’ mine sitting down next to me and just needing to talk…even to me…just his mama…

and…really…just eventually losing count…

just truly more reasons than i deserve on this monday!

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with him.

and getting little “whiffs” of his cologne all the rest of this day…

little hugs from him leftover on me

– my grandad with we three…on my 3rd birthday!  (april 16, 1975)

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::  this spot under gramma’s tree sure is heavenly!  chick, chick and chick are grazing here ‘round me…the littles are making room for fresh waters in their “pool” by emptying the old out all over the thirsty plants…i was just handed a lovely yellow posisicle…

and now…here comes my honey (with his book!) to sit right close to me!

lovely, lovely sunday…

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another laid His life down…for my sake

and now i’m free!

and they


were willing to do the same!

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dear gramma-my-little-gramma,

happiest of happy birthdays to you!

happy…happy99 years!

5-24-13 - 1

what an extraordinary woman you are!

what an incredibly wonderful example you’ve just always been to me…living your one lifejust so incredibly wonderfully!

what an exceedingly blessed girl i am…to have had that woman of proverbs 31walking out her life right in front of me!

oh, how i do long to be more and more…just like you!

5-24-13 - 2

and this morning, it truly was just the most bestest unbirthday present…

brought just the most unexpected tears

when i told you how very grateful i am for you…and that “i love you”…

and you said“i love you too”

you!  loving me!

just…trulythe most best

how utterly-and-absolutely grateful i am…for you!

very sincerely,

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eian’s grampy’s-m-i-c-k-e-y-shaped panpake!

– emma’s image

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