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dear little luchadors,

so…tell me

would the nacho libre music i heard wafting up from the basement through the register…

have anything at all to do with the bruised-and-swollen bridge of jack’s nose?

very sincerely,
me (your just-wonderin’ mama)

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dear little people,

since this new year dawned, i’ve been spending bits of time flipping through our life…the “2012” edition…

all of the moments made memories…captured by all of you…

imagine my surprise

that out of all of those moments you all captured…it was eian you were most focused on

that little one daddy and i didn’t even know was missing…

that little one you all asked for

that little one we all love just so very much!

thank you for capturing so much of him…

i know it’s getting harder and harder to do!

how very thankful daddy and i are that you all asked!

how very thankful we are that He answered “yes”!

how so very…absolutely…thankful we are…for all of you!

and for all of the moments…captured and not…we were all blessed to share in 2012…

very sincerely,
me (your excited-to-see-what-moments-you-capture-of-2013 mama)

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dear littles,

in honor of his birthday…we spent some time getting to know that great man a bit more today…

that one ordinary man…that did extraordinary things with his one life


and we listened…

the…“four score and seven years ago…”

and we pondered…

the…what if?

what if we each stood up for one good thing?

what if we each dedicated our lives to pushing right through…no matter what…‘till that one good thing was for sure?

what kind of place would this world be then?

what then?

and then i remembered his…“all that i am…or hope to be…i owe to my angel mother.”

and i wondered…what part did she play in his becoming that great man?

and i had to ask…me

what part am i playing?  am i playing it well?

for when the all-too-soon someday comesand you aren’t these littles any longer?



right now

my partis my one good thing

very sincerely,
me (your wanting-to-be-more-for-each-of-you mama)

me and my very first little

colleen cahill’s image of me and my very first little (october, 1995)

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dear little people,

so you’ve asked and asked…and asked…“today is it summer?”…“when is it summer?”…“i mean…when does it start?

tell you what…

sure signs that summer’s full swingin’ ‘round here…

sunshine’s streaming through your window…even past your bedtime…

you’re more out than in

the washer’s spinning grubbies, grubbies, grubbies…

mama’s spotting new freckles on cheeks and noses…

daddy’s often in front of the grill…

baby’s naked splashing in the wading pool…

you’re tent-staking under gramma’s tree

oh!  and you’re sportin’ these…

semi-permanent (no amount of scrubbin’ will do) dirt tattoos!

see?  it’s here!

full swing…swingswingin’!

very sincerely,
me (your lovin’-the-sounds-of-your-happy-play mama)

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dear little people,

this week…digging.  digging is your “hobby”…

digging…digging…digging…“to the center of the earth!”

you have a ways to go yet

very sincerely,
me (your broken record titled “quit trackin’ mud all over this house!” mama)


this week…laundry.  laundry is my hobby…

– hannah’s image

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dear little people,

thanks for tryin’ so hard to make a good mama outta me!

i know it hasn’t always been easy

any “good” in my mama’ing i owe all to you!

very sincerely,
me (your oh-so-thankful-to-be-a-mama…mama)

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dear (bigger) little people,

i needed a lil’ giggle this mornin’…

and since laughing at your expense is always funner than laughing at my own…i looked up some old pictures of you…

this one did the trick…

5-4-12 - 1

and then i thought…

hmmm…thought i…

“they wouldn’t want me to keep this to myself…they’d want me to share…to spread the giggles and the smiles…”

‘cause i know you would!

so…you’re welcome!

very sincerely,
me (your naughty mama)


and because you’ve always…secretly…been my favorite…

5-4-12 - 2

– those first three out on our property (june, 2002)

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