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after a muchtoo-long time…i found my way back to the trail this morning!  and i managed to drag me all the way ‘round and back home!

and with truth pouring right into me all the while through my ipod

and i think i just might…maybe…be able to catch up to that wagon!  i think i just might almost…barely…be able to see it there rumbling on up ahead!



i think i just might!

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dear miss michelle,

thank you so much for yesterday…

for these…


and for asking

that i not just share chocolates with you…but share chocolates with you…

that meant so much!

and, oh…those chocolates were all the more sweeter having had the chance to sit right next and share them with you!

very sincerely,


as of this morning at breakfast…i have no more leftover chocolates left over

– hannah’s image

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– hannah’s image

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::  it helps…when you’re not lovin’ correcting all that math…to look up and see the baby trying to heave himself into the clothes dryer!

him all high centered on the rim of the door…with his chubba legs just pumping up and down!

ahhh…now back to my math

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that boy o’ mine takin’ his mama on a “there’s no stinkin’ way it could possibly be already monday…again!


donuts run!


not monday

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::  that boy o’ mine took his little birthday brother for fries and a shake today…and william is sitting here next to me telling me all about it…

and he says that…

“when i’ya said if i wanted a “large fry”…
i thought he meant one really big fry…
but then i figured out that it was actually a tons of fries!”

so thankful he’s making memories with these little guys!

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dear belly, bat wings and bum,

just because i only lasted two stinkin’ days…then proceeded to do a full-on face plant right off o’ that wagon…with somethin’ of mine gettin’ stuck in it’s wheel…and it draggin’ me along right behind through the mud…

and just because my honey insists that he loves you…and all of my other parts…just the way that you (all) are…

doesn’t mean this is over!

this is so not over

just you wait!

right after i finish off those birthday chocolates

and get that treat i sometimes (always) get after i’ve amassed all of those groceries…

and…well…that soda i’ll probably have with my birthday pizza tonight…

oh…and that taco bell grammy insists on bringin’ for all of our lunches tomorrow…

and…probably…that dessert i have planned for our company after our gathering on sunday…







very sincerely,



on second thought


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on this day in…

~ 2008 ~


1 + 5

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dear miss elaini,

what a sweet birthday surprise…finding you at our door!

you…bearing chocolates!

and a sweet note

after you left…i popped one of those chocolates right into my mouth…

and i just giggled…out loud…at the words on the back of the pouch…

that silly boy o’ mine reading with emphasis

“do you dream in chocolate?  then discover (chocolate’s name) and enjoy a moment that is yours: when you break (chocolate’s name’s) delicate chocolate shell, the irresistibly smooth filling starts to melt, gently caressing all your senses and taking you to a place where chocolate dreams come true.”

oh…mygoodness!  could that really be true!?!

how i wish we would’ve read that while you were still here…so i could’ve shared that giggle with you!

and then i just smiled…at the words in your note

such a sweet note

what a truly sweet birthday it’s been…sweeter than any ol’ chocolate!

yesit’s true!  even chocolate!

so much love showered on me by so many!

and…oh, how i thank Him for that 40plus another whole one

and for chocolates…

and for loved ones

like sweet little you!

very sincerely,

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on this day in…

~ 1973 ~

1973 - 7 - 4-16 - darcie's 1st - cake demolition (1) - b - resized

 1 + 40

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