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dear baby,

is it even possible?

is it even possible for you to be even more deliciously squishy when you’re just fresh awake?

those baby blues still dreamy…those chubba cheeks all rosy…that little body so cozy-warm…and oh-so-squishy!

so deliciously squishy!

i think it is…

i think it’s very possible.

very sincerely,
me (your lovin’-your-delicious-post-naptime-squish mama)

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dear boy o’ mine,

‘member when you would follow the littles around with your camera and then mash it all up into fun little “bideos”?


i miss that

the summer olympics start tonight, you know…

‘member this little video you made after the last summer olympics?

‘member?  when you were all so much littler?  just four short summers ago?!?

~ misty mama ~

well, i’m posting this here ‘cause i love it…

and ‘cause i love you for spending so much time with all those littles…and capturing so much of that time…for when i’m old and all grey…and can’t ‘member it all so good anymore…

and ‘cause i hope it inspires you to dust off that camera again!

very sincerely,
me (your hopeful mama)

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dear blog,

hello there…

it’s been (almost) a whole week since i’ve been here…

one bumpy week

i didn’t have much “nice” to say…so i didn’t say nothin’ at all.

seems like most everyone around here had that same struggle…

lots of admonishing to “watch those words comin’ outta your mouth”…“mind your business”…“build up…don’t knock down”…

this mama-work is exhausting

especially when this mama’s heart needs to apply at the same time what she’s admonishing!

but here’s to a new week

where many…happy…words can be heard ‘round here!

very sincerely,

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dear mr. collins,

i sure do love your music!

‘cept at 3:in-the-wee-hours…

when my brain won’t stop singin’…

everybody say the word!


oh!  oh!”


not so in love with that

very sincerely,

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dear outside,

oh my goodness

how he loves you!



loves you!

head for inside…and, oh, the tears!

nope…it’s you, outside…

it’s you he loves!

very sincerely,

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dear little people,

so you’ve asked and asked…and asked…“today is it summer?”…“when is it summer?”…“i mean…when does it start?

tell you what…

sure signs that summer’s full swingin’ ‘round here…

sunshine’s streaming through your window…even past your bedtime…

you’re more out than in

the washer’s spinning grubbies, grubbies, grubbies…

mama’s spotting new freckles on cheeks and noses…

daddy’s often in front of the grill…

baby’s naked splashing in the wading pool…

you’re tent-staking under gramma’s tree

oh!  and you’re sportin’ these…

semi-permanent (no amount of scrubbin’ will do) dirt tattoos!

see?  it’s here!

full swing…swingswingin’!

very sincerely,
me (your lovin’-the-sounds-of-your-happy-play mama)

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dear mr. and mrs. lion, tiger and coiled up orange snake,

thanks for keeping me company while i shaved my legs tonight…

i hate that chore

very sincerely,


when did all the star wars guys move on?

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dear america the beautiful,

that was a fun birthday party!

happy 236th birthday!

we love you!

very sincerely,

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dear emmie,

i’m sure megan’s gonna love these…baby colby’s first little “cons”!

i betcha his basketballer daddy’s gonna love ‘em too…may even want a pair of his own!

i think he wears a 13…

or was it 15?

either way…i think you’re gonna need a smidge more yarn…

such a sweet gift from such a sweet girl!

very sincerely,
me (your proud-of-you mama)

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