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dear emmie,

wasn’t that just so fun?

you staying up into the wee hours on christmas morning…knitting away on that sweet little cap for eian…

him tearing open the wrapand just loving it right away!

him wanting so badly to just put it right on!

him just begging, “please, mama, please…may i wear my new cap!?!”

him wanting to just wear it and wear it all the rest of that day!

him just positively loving that sweet little cap you made for him!

that truly was just the very most fun!

very sincerely,
me (your always-so-grateful-you-gift-with-your-gifting mama)

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dear emmie,

i’m sure megan’s gonna love these…baby colby’s first little “cons”!

i betcha his basketballer daddy’s gonna love ‘em too…may even want a pair of his own!

i think he wears a 13…

or was it 15?

either way…i think you’re gonna need a smidge more yarn…

such a sweet gift from such a sweet girl!

very sincerely,
me (your proud-of-you mama)

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