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dear summer rain,

how i love waking up all cozy next to him to the sound of you…

there’s nothing quite like you, really.



an autumn rain…a potato soup and buttered bread rain…

or a winter rain…a snuggled right up close to the crackling fire rain…

or a spring rain…a stormy…sun peaking through…rainbow rain!

~ happy sigh ~

i’m so glad you passed by today, rain.

very sincerely,

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eian’s offerings

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oh yeah, baby!

we’re startin’ this new year off with a bang!

i suppose it’s obvious by now that we take this “sleepy head” thing very seriously around here!  (well…some of us, anyway!)  all of our children have been “naturals” (despite being “folically challenged”) at mastering the “sleepy head”…with honorable mentions going out to hannah and bits.

but jack…jack is absolutely amazing…a step above the rest…a veritable “sleepy head” phenom!

i mean…look at that form!  the exquisite composition!
the perfect balance of frizz and fly-away-ed-ness!

not too heavy on one side or the other…it’s
breathtaking…simply breathtaking!

why, to give you the “rear view” would be just plain showin’ off!

i would, however, like to take the liberty of reminding my
dear reader that he is only 2…and pointing out that all of this
magnificent “sleepy headedness” was achieved during an
ordinary, everyday, run-of-the-mill…nap!  hello!!!  oh, what
magnificence would another eight hours have produced?!?

(i’m so proud!)

okay, but now, after having so shamelessly paraded my dear children’s talents before you (yet again), i must admit that i can’t take credit for any of it.  this incredible talent certainly wasn’t passed down from my side of the family!  no, i must give credit where credit is due…

their daddy’s “sleepy head” would…knock…your…socks…off!!!

– january 2, 2008

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dear honey,

‘member when we were just babies…

…and we had a baby?

and then…we blinked

and we weren’t so young anymore

and there were seven moreplus that one?

what a lucky girl i am!  to be growing up alongside you…

what lucky little people they are!  the luckiest little people there ever was…

to have a daddy like you!

happy…happy…father’s day!

very sincerely,
me (for all of us)

– the very first “father-son” chat (october 24, 1992)

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dear grammy,

on our way to you…when we were over the river but not quite through the woods…i heard a little william voice float up from the back of the truck…to no one in particular…“i have to go potty.”

and then jack’s admonishing, “william, just hold it…like i am.”

giggly, i whispered to your boy that we might need to pull over…

so we pulled off and i tossed back, “okay, boys…hop out and go pee on a tree!”

jack’s bashful eyes met mine…they said, “i’d rather wait, thank you.”

but will, scrambling for the door, volleyed…clarifying…over his shoulder…

“can you poop on the trees too!?!”

once we got to you…as usual…our visit went too, too quick…

and now…home…already counting sleeps until next time!

very sincerely,

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dear auntie,

today…your day!

your turn to celebrate another successful revolution around the sun…a “significant” one!

wishing the happiest of days…to one of my biggest supporters…intercessors…

to one of my very favorites! 

thinking of you especially today!

very sincerely,
me (ferbecca)

– circa…a long time ago

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dear baby,

and now…waving “bye bye”…

that’s just ironic…


very sincerely,
me (still spinnin’)

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dear baby,

over the past 7½ minutes (or so) you’ve…

  1. sprouted four new pearlies…
  2. learned to clap those two gloriously chubba-fingered fists
  3. mastered getting up onto and down off of that cutie caboose…
  4. started synchronizing…one hand…one knee…one hand…crawling
  5. hoisted yourself up onto those delicious “little” drumsticks
  6. and decided which ivy league you want to attend come fall…

i don’t think you’re obeying me

very sincerely,
me (your spinnin’-headed mama)

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dear blog,




so these apples didn’t fall far from the tree…


very sincerely,

– circa spring, 2008

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