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after we’d sat and snuggled and talked for awhile…and the sun had finally dipped down into the ocean…i asked, “can we take a quick picture of us?”

and he readily agreed…and started to take some

only…he just loves to tease with me

10-14 - 1

…and he took them when i wasn’t quite ready…

10-14 - 2

…or when i wasn’t quite ready…

10-14 - 3

…or when i still wasn’t quite ready…

or to (maybe) practice his “smiles”?

10-14 - 6

or…i just truly don’t know what!

and he was just cracking himself up23 whole times!

10-14 - 7

so i just gave up!  and just joined him in his fun!

10-14 - 4

‘cause he just makes me laugh…like no one else does

and i just truly can’t imagine spending this last 22 years with any one else…

10-14 - 8

but him!

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getting away for a bit

10-14-13 - henry

just him and me

– waiting our turn at wanda’s

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to whom it may concern,

today marks one year!  one whole year since i sat down and started putting words down here!

which also means…in not-too-many days from now…i’ll be having another birthday…

that 40…plus another whole one!

which makes me just want to eat chocolate…

though i’m not entirely sure why

so i got to thinking about nummy chocolate…

and i got to remembering those nummy chocolates that the mama to the west’s mama spoiled us with one time…those amazing chukar cherry ones

and i thought to my self, “self…you should get some of those nummy chocolates for you for your birthday!  and, hey!  self!  wouldn’t it be so fun to get some extra…and share them…with all of  the amazing people who came here and read…and encouraged…and prayed…and who literally made this whole last year such an incredibly memorable one!?!”

but then…my self realized…“that’s a whole bunch of chocolates!”

so…i guess…i’ll just have to content myself with sharing just some…

with just someone

but if you like nummy chocolates…and you’d like to share some…and you’d like to just jump on here and say “hi!  happy whole first one!”…

then i’ll just be so excited to toss you into my hat…

and i’ll just be so happy to wrestle that littlest and plunge his fist in…

and i’ll just be so…truly…thrilled if he plucks out your one!

‘cause it’s been an amazing year…

a truly…filled-with-the-absolutely-unexpected…one!

and i just want to say “thank you”…to every last one of you…who’ve loved on me all this way through it…

this whole first one

very sincerely,


– bits sharin’ chocolates with mama! (august, 2005)

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lalla rook

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him and me

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dear little people

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::  in 43 days…my honey’s taking me away for 5 (alone) days!

something we haven’t done in over 7,665 days!  (just a wee bit excited!!!)

i think i need my kiddos to whip me up one of their fabulous “only this many more sleeps until…” paper chains today…

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