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dear boy o’ mine,

this past week has been so (especially) nostalgic for me with these three little pullets ‘round here…

‘cause i can still hear you calling out into the dusky meadow each night…

“heeeere…chick, chick, chick!  heeeey…duck, duck, duck!”

wooing all those fowl to come in where they’d be safe after dark…

and i can still see (especially) those little heads pop right up out of all that tall grass…and hurry just as fast as their waddle would let them right towards your voice…

those funny little ducks all in their straight row…

don’t you just miss all those blacks, and goatie-goats, and dogs, and cats, and ducks, and chickens…and silly…your mama’s one goose?

don’t you?

cows - ipiccy - 3

don’t you just miss all the feeding…and the watering…and the mucking…and (especially) the sometimes having to track them all down over all that whole property?

don’t you?

yes…i’m just so sure that you do!

i’m just so sure you miss all of that!

and i (especially) do too!

very sincerely,
me (your sometimes-wishing-you-were-still-that-little-“shepherd”-boy-with-his-one-big-stick mama)

10-1-2-x - ipiccy

– the “thank you” that boy o’ mine sent to his great-grampa bert for those four black angus (june 18, 2003)…and that boy, his first two girls…and his most favorite stick! (fall, 2001)

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dear boy o’ mine,

‘member when you would follow the littles around with your camera and then mash it all up into fun little “bideos”?


i miss that

the summer olympics start tonight, you know…

‘member this little video you made after the last summer olympics?

‘member?  when you were all so much littler?  just four short summers ago?!?

~ misty mama ~

well, i’m posting this here ‘cause i love it…

and ‘cause i love you for spending so much time with all those littles…and capturing so much of that time…for when i’m old and all grey…and can’t ‘member it all so good anymore…

and ‘cause i hope it inspires you to dust off that camera again!

very sincerely,
me (your hopeful mama)

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dear boy o’ mine,

thanks for making all that nummy sketti sauce and dinner last night.

you made your mama’s life a little bit easier…again

the freezer’s full…my heart’s full

and if you ever move out…you’ll rip it right outta my chest…

very sincerely,
me (your grateful mama)

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