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dear donut day,

i love you.

i love my two chocolate glazed donuts and my milk left in the freezer for just so long…

‘cause this

this little i just can’t relate to…

say…where’d he run off to, anyway?

– – –

i’m sorry, but i don’t…

4-28-12 - 1


4-28-12 - 2


4-28-12 - 3


4-28-12 - 4

…being this much fun!!!

– june 29, 2007

– – –

oh…that frizzy sleepy head…that ever-present goose egg…those endless silly faces!

seriouslywhere’d he run off to?!?


now i’m gonna need three donuts…

very sincerely,

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my birthday song

me in “the cathedral”…

and then…at 3:28…

arms thrown out…head tipped back…singin’ along…

me all sillyhappywatching those glorious raindrops falling from the heavensfeeling them splash on my face

oh…but then…at 5:00…

~ happy, happy shivers ~


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dear colic,

man…you really sucked!

the first three months of baby’s life are a blur of fussing, crying and time spent curled up in the fetal position…

and you were no cakewalk for him either!

but, boy…once we kicked you to the curb…just look what happened


that?  that’s one happy baby right there!

smiley, squishy and utterly chubbalicious!

colic?  what colic?

we are so over you!

very sincerely,

– hannah’s image

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dear gramma mary,

your tree’s starting to wake up…that tree you loved so much


i’m sure that where you are…the trees are infinitely more beautiful…

but your tree…when she’s full awake and all abloom…her more pink than green…

she’s awfully heavenly

how you loved all these kids…your kids…

how you’d “get a kick” out of watching them play under…and in…your tree!

she’s “gramma’s tree”…even to those littles who only know you through pictures…

a glimpse of her and thoughts of you spring to mind…

lovely, happy thoughts of you today

very sincerely,

– hannah’s image

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the big fence

what a great day that was…when that pesky old fence blew over that one windy day last spring!

how wonderful when they begged and he said “yes”…leaving it down…that whole glorious summer…them and their next door buddies running back and forth at will!

how sad when those ominous clouds of fall and winter swept through…and with them…that new big fence!

how pathetic…them…the children of the east and west…having to play through…


…and over that fence!

him…the unwitting ruiner of all their hopes and dreams for summer…

them crying out…“mr. jason…daddy…tear down this fence!”

– hannah’s image

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dear birthday boy,

last night, as your “ah’ma” tucked you in, she said, “goodbye, 4-year-old william.”

confused…you asked, “are you saying goodbye because i’m going outside?”

no…,” she replied, “i’m saying goodbye because tomorrow you won’t be 4-year-old william anymore…you’ll be 5-year-old william.”

“oh,” you said reflectively…and then

“will i still be cute tomorrow?”


ohhh, yeahdefinitely!

you are the cutest little spectacle-wearing, lisp-bearing quipster of a sweet william there ever was!

happy birthday, 5-year-old william!  we love you much!

very sincerely,
me (your adoring birthday-buddy mama)

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dear boy o’ mine,

thanks for making all that nummy sketti sauce and dinner last night.

you made your mama’s life a little bit easier…again

the freezer’s full…my heart’s full

and if you ever move out…you’ll rip it right outta my chest…

very sincerely,
me (your grateful mama)

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yesterday morning…at the dawn of my 40th revolution around the sun…i awoke to rain…glorious…“see how much God loves me” rain…

so i jumped out of bed, changed that little leaker, threw on my tennie runners and headed out for my walk around the park…

halfway through, i pulled my cap off and let that rain really soak me through…

and when i got to “the cathedral”…that place in the trail where it meanders through all those big, tall trees…i threw my arms out, tipped my head back and sang along with matt redman…

Who shall we say You are
You’re the living God
Who shall we say You are
You’re the Great I AM
The highest name of all
You’re all You say You are

You are holy, holy, holy
God most high and God most worthy
You are holy, holy, holy
Jesus, You are
Jesus, You are

me all sillyhappywatching those glorious raindrops falling from the heavensfeeling them splash on my face

and then…one gloriously ginormous raindrop came down and hit me…right on my left eyeball!

proving that the devil was alive and well…even on my birthday!

when i got home, i made my family line right up and give me my birthday hugs…them all jammified and cozy…me all sloppy wet…

‘cause sometimes, i’m just kinda naughty like that…even when it’s not my birthday!

and the rest of my happy birthday was filled with personalized “we love you’s” from my kiddos…time spent here and there and finally here with my honey…reading sweet emails and listening to “happy birthday to you…” sung over the phone…

and this morning?  this morning as i walked…and shared the trail with others…i was brought to tears when i realized that i’ve never been alone on that trail before…


that God would purposeyesterdaytens of thousands of days after He first placed that sun in the sky and sent this earth spinning ‘round itto plant mealonein the cathedralin the rainwhile that songof all the songs on my ipodwas playing


He’s always “there”…but holy, holy, holy…did he ever meet me…and on my 40th birthday!

being 40…still not too sure how i feel about that

but turning 40?

well…i could say it was “a piece o’ cake” (it’d be more punny that way)…but i have to say…it was “a walk in the park”…

i will forever remember my 40th as a glorious…see how much God truly loves me…walk in the park…

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dear 40,

i don’t want to be you.

very sincerely,

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