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::  i think maybe they’re thinkin’ they’re gonna get to move out into their igloo once they’ve got it all made!

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life on my sill

i turned my back on my kitchen sink and headed off to bed tonight…even the minimal in me grinning at the cluttered state of my sill…

there’s a little purple saintpaulia…with two sweet little blooms…that grammy brought to cheer her mama,  gramma mary, when she was living out her last few days here.  and it just stayed on…thankfully…the thoughts of them it continually conjures up keeping me company while my hands are so often in the sink…

and there’s four, plump, red-ripe tomatoes that somehow found their way there from our always-generous mister paul and miss mary across the street…

and there’s a little, white bottle full of melatonin…that my midwife knew would help my pregnant brain settle down to sleep…

and there’s (even) a bloody tooth that was yanked out by that determined ten-year-old right before she headed off to dream…

and there’s a curiously-angular rock that grampy and that emma-girlso very little at the time…painted during one of our visits with them.  his sweet little red heart in the middle…her splotches of color o’er the rest…

and there’s a tiny rectangle of wood framing one of my most favorite pictures of him…when we were both still so young…and relishing in one of those most-memorable days on “our” island

and there’s a dainty, little silk sunflower that three-year-old jack found and presented to me when we were very first settling in here…“picked” for me from out of the overabundance of gramma mary’s craft supplies still left over down in the basement…

and it should probably all be tidied tomorrow…especially that tooth!

but for tonight…it’s just an utterly lovely reminder…againthat there is life here!

so much life having been lived…being livedright here!

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12-25-13 - jenn

happy christmas!

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12-7-13 - jen

eager unstuffers!

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::  there’s just so much growin’ goin’ on around here…

celebrating bitsy last week

8-22-13 - 1

and now him yesterday

and then…

over the next five months, even more turning overs over here!  each of those months there’ll be one…or sometimes even two…to celebrate!

and then…

come february…a birth day we’ll wish we were celebrating

and i just always seem to be asking…why this always having to grow?

why this everything always having to go by just…sofast?!?

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on this day in…

~ 2004 ~


1 + 9

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on this day in…

~ 2007 ~

7-26-13 - b

“count your blessings, name them one by oneby oneby one

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after breakfast posisicles

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this little piggy went to market

…‘cause he was all-at-once bustin’ outta his clothes!

– the kids’ camera  bits’ image (april 4, 2013)

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dear bits and jack,

mama sure has been loving our time spent in your little fireside salon

never tire of it

of your asking “please” to do my hairs…

of your scooting right off to gather all of your “tools”…

of your styling…and snapshots…and starting all over…

of your little fingers running and running right through my hairs

and i’m just altogether content to just sit there…and sit therefor as long as you’ll take

‘till my back is all achy…and my legs are both sleeping…and my head is numb some…

for just as long as you’ll stay

and as i’ve sat there…i’ve thought

about how much i’ll miss this…come spring…when the fireplace goes cold for a season and your little fingers stop running…


about how very much i’ll miss all of thiscome just a too-short time from nowwhen my whole season of little fingers is through


the thought…


maybeyour little people’s little fingers!


oh, how wonderful that thought!

oh, how…just too wonderfulthat would be!


but for now…i’m utterly altogether content to sit…just right herefor just as long as you’ll stay

alex and emma's hands

very sincerely,
me (your relishing-every-pass-through-my-hairs-with-your-little-fingers mama)

– jack’s image from the salon (the kids’ camera  december 11, 2012)…and one of my very favorites…the little fingers of those first two littles (summer, 1997)

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