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dear sweet william,

even while sitting there next to me during the message today…you just couldn’t help but lean in close and whisper…“happy fall day!”

for days and for days, you’ve been asking and asking…“when is it fall?”

and finally…our calender says that today is the day!

it’s finallyofficiallybegun!

and so i leaned down…and smiled…and whispered a “thank you”…

and then my “shush”…and “listen”…were followed by your sheepish “okay”…

and on this first day…He’s sent a blustery wind and some glorious rain

and now, here we both sit…

almost right back where we left off

almost circled right back ‘round again

with a lovely blaze in the hearth…and your little fingers just running and running right through my hairs

just exactly the kind of day i’ve been looking so forward to since this fireplace went finally cold…all those days and days…and long days…ago!

just the best start to my most favorite time of the year!


oh, how i’ve missed it

and this

the wind blowing and rain falling outside…

and me…and some of my most favorite peoples…all squished cozy together to knit…and to read…and to writeand to style

all just right here ‘round this fire!

very sincerely,
me (your oh-so-happy-to-be-numb-again-some mama)

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dear wee’um,

i came across this picture of you today…


cutie you, when your “dathith” were still so new…and your little world was all of a sudden so very, very big…and all in focus!

for days and days you explored your world…justlikethis

made me melty then…

makes me melty now…

very sincerely,
me (your ever-melty mama)

– pumpkin hunting on sauvie island (october 22, 2009)

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dear birthday boy,

last night, as your “ah’ma” tucked you in, she said, “goodbye, 4-year-old william.”

confused…you asked, “are you saying goodbye because i’m going outside?”

no…,” she replied, “i’m saying goodbye because tomorrow you won’t be 4-year-old william anymore…you’ll be 5-year-old william.”

“oh,” you said reflectively…and then

“will i still be cute tomorrow?”


ohhh, yeahdefinitely!

you are the cutest little spectacle-wearing, lisp-bearing quipster of a sweet william there ever was!

happy birthday, 5-year-old william!  we love you much!

very sincerely,
me (your adoring birthday-buddy mama)

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