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sneaking away after half had headed off to bed…and meeting with the two of them…my “triad”…

giggling…and encouraging…and exhorting…

and praying


not getting to sleep until well after this day had turned into the next…

and instead of feeling tiredfeeling amazingly refreshed!

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escaping to the mountain…to the same place we’ve been retreating to now for 22 years…

the “snow cabin”

that does sit on the mountain…but where there’s never always snow…

for 5 whole days and 4 whole sleeps filled with a crackling fire…and movies all curled up…and naughty-nummy food…and puzzles pieced together…and giggles ‘round games…and soaks in the big bearclaw tub…and long walks…

3-24-14 - b

and the rushing of the river bending ‘round us the first sound heard when we wake, and the last as we drift off to sleep

and the sole little magnet on the fridge declaring my thoughts…exactly

“i come to the mountain to breathe!

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getting my monthly visit with dr. liz…

and doing more chatting and giggling…more “catching up” than “checking up”

and hearing that sweetest little heartbeat again!

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waking to the sound of him outside chopping the kindling for this morning’s fire…

i’m gonna miss that sound when the weather turns warmer

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chocolate chip mint ice cream in the freezer

and stealing a spoonful (or 4) throughout my day!

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::  it’s all ‘cause he wants to be a good example for me…on how to apply the Truth we heard today on “sabbath rest”…that he’s lying here next to me in grampa’s old chair with all those snores escaping his lips!

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