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::  i think maybe they’re thinkin’ they’re gonna get to move out into their igloo once they’ve got it all made!

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12-25-13 - jenn

happy christmas!

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12-7-13 - jen

eager unstuffers!

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10-30-13 - 3 - anthony vignette

pecks o’ perfect pun’kins picked!

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::  there’s just so much growin’ goin’ on around here…

celebrating bitsy last week

8-22-13 - 1

and now him yesterday

and then…

over the next five months, even more turning overs over here!  each of those months there’ll be one…or sometimes even two…to celebrate!

and then…

come february…a birth day we’ll wish we were celebrating

and i just always seem to be asking…why this always having to grow?

why this everything always having to go by just…sofast?!?

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each of our littles has a box of “treasures”…special little things of theirs that i’ve set aside for them…

we call them their “keepsake” boxes…

although, at some point along the way, one of the littles mispronounced it “keep-safe”…and it stuckbecause it seemed even more appropriate that way!

there’s blankies…and locks of hair…and (even) a lost tooth housed safely inside each…

and my intention is to send them along with each of them someday…but for now…they’re just (mostly) for me…

for when they creep up on a milestone birthday…or come home with keys to a car…for me to sneak down to the basement and open and remember…to hold in my hands the little dresses or little shoes that they somehow…once upon a time…used to fit into…

and when i went to tidy the top drawer of my desk last night…i came across that test i’d placed there to “keep safe” for a time…until a box could be started for our wee little one…

and i realized

they won’t need one

that that test i held in my hand was the only treasure i have…

the only hold-in-my-hand reminder…that even though for ever-so briefly…our wee little one…was

that they were meant to be

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::  she’s getting sleepy


won’t be long now before these littles are dancing in her leaves

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coming home to happy kids

that boy o’ ours having taken them on an ice cream run…

and to the park…

and sticking in a movie…

and letting them “camp” in this


for that whole two sleeps!

that boyhe parents these littles better than him and me

– hannah’s image

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by one!”

it’s been a whole week since my family headed out on a fabulous “almost 3 whole days and 2 sleeps!” at the annual campout with our gathering family

i rested behind…my sweet honey insisting on trekking back and forth…once just to check in on me…and twice just to sleep next to me!

and our littlest little tagged along on those sleeping treks…so he could “catch his breath” from all of the fun!

but i was especially missing that little guy on saturday…thinking about how much fun he must’ve been having getting to play “outside”…


and i was so hoping that one of his older siblings might just catch a few pictures of him…of all of them…having their fun…

so i just spent that day fiddling around ‘round here…with just this and that…

just trying to keep from thinking too much

and at some point, i stopped and checked in on my messages…to see if their daddy had sent any new love notes to me

and then to my email…and on to that facebook…

and there on my “wall” was this sweet little pic…sent from just one of the sweetest of friends

just sitting on that wall waiting for me!

that little mr. mischief having himself so much fun!

and how could she have known that that was just what i’d wanted?

just what i’d needed

at that very momenton that very day!?!

and i’ve just been so overwhelmed…again and again

that so many…so often…would seek to lessen this sting just a bit…simply by loving on us

and that picture just made me smile…

and then just burst into tears

the very same thing i seem to be doing a lot as of late…anytime anybody does something…or says something…

just anything kind!

something that just seems to keep happening again and again…and over and over…these days!

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::  such weather!  the girls made broccoli cheese soup for dinner…and a fire even got made in the hearth…

and (most of) the littles were agreeing that they’d like to just skip august and move right on to fall!

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