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dear bub,

as i scrubbed those dinner dishes last night, you kept me company for a spell at the bar…watching as our pictures scrolled through on this computer…

then…so proud of you…you said, “let me guess…that’s me.”

and i glanced up from the suds…catching just a glimpse of your daddy before he faded away to black and the next picture slowly appeared…

and i grinned involuntary as those little eyebrows shot up full surprised at my, “nope…that’s your daddy.”

so, today…i went looking…

looking for your daddy and his most bubba face…

just to show you how so-very-much you look like he did…

and just look who i found!

four-year-old him with his baby brother…

…and four-year-old you!


i told you!

two little peas from the very same pod!

two of the sweetest peas there ever was!

very sincerely,
me (your sweet-on-the-both-of-you mama)

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