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dear emma grace,

as you’ve been getting older…and spending more time in that bathroom…it’s got me to thinkin’…

and i just want to be sure that you know

that i like your fashion “sense”…the way you mix and match your clothes…

and i like the shades and hues that you use…the mood they create on your face…

and i like the amazing things that you do with your hair…i was only ever barely able to get your one pony set straight!

but even more…i need to be sure that you know…

really to know

that the you beneath all of those stitches to “define” and hues to “enhance”…

the you…He madein His image

the most immeasurably…exquisitelybeautiful One

is the you i love most!

and nothing you do could ever truly improve upon what He thought to be already perfect…

His placing this right there…and that just so…

just the way He thought you most…best

and it’s really your sweetness…and compassionand grace…that truly enhance and amaze and draw others to you…

only all the deep-beneath-the-skin stuff that’s truly most beautiful…

and it’s all that true inner “pretty” that’s sure to peek out…through the simplest of embellishments, really…

that beautiful smile on your face!


very sincerely,
me (your loving-the-you-you’re-becoming mama)

– emmie’s inner pretty peaking right out!  (summer, 2000)

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dear emmie,

wasn’t that just so fun?

you staying up into the wee hours on christmas morning…knitting away on that sweet little cap for eian…

him tearing open the wrapand just loving it right away!

him wanting so badly to just put it right on!

him just begging, “please, mama, please…may i wear my new cap!?!”

him wanting to just wear it and wear it all the rest of that day!

him just positively loving that sweet little cap you made for him!

that truly was just the very most fun!

very sincerely,
me (your always-so-grateful-you-gift-with-your-gifting mama)

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dear emmie grace,

i was remembering little you today…

and my favoritefavorite…of all your when-you-were-little doodlings…

…of your favorite little shadow.

she was thoroughly happy to be loved by you…

…and you were thoroughly happy when lovin’ on her.

i’m missing little you today

very sincerely,
me (your misty-again mama)

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dear emmie,

i’m sure megan’s gonna love these…baby colby’s first little “cons”!

i betcha his basketballer daddy’s gonna love ‘em too…may even want a pair of his own!

i think he wears a 13…

or was it 15?

either way…i think you’re gonna need a smidge more yarn…

such a sweet gift from such a sweet girl!

very sincerely,
me (your proud-of-you mama)

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