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oh yeah, baby!

we’re startin’ this new year off with a bang!

i suppose it’s obvious by now that we take this “sleepy head” thing very seriously around here!  (well…some of us, anyway!)  all of our children have been “naturals” (despite being “folically challenged”) at mastering the “sleepy head”…with honorable mentions going out to hannah and bits.

but jack…jack is absolutely amazing…a step above the rest…a veritable “sleepy head” phenom!

i mean…look at that form!  the exquisite composition!
the perfect balance of frizz and fly-away-ed-ness!

not too heavy on one side or the other…it’s
breathtaking…simply breathtaking!

why, to give you the “rear view” would be just plain showin’ off!

i would, however, like to take the liberty of reminding my
dear reader that he is only 2…and pointing out that all of this
magnificent “sleepy headedness” was achieved during an
ordinary, everyday, run-of-the-mill…nap!  hello!!!  oh, what
magnificence would another eight hours have produced?!?

(i’m so proud!)

okay, but now, after having so shamelessly paraded my dear children’s talents before you (yet again), i must admit that i can’t take credit for any of it.  this incredible talent certainly wasn’t passed down from my side of the family!  no, i must give credit where credit is due…

their daddy’s “sleepy head” would…knock…your…socks…off!!!

– january 2, 2008

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dear blog,


just one…


these girlies have a lengthy history of prior offenses…

– – –

forget sockin’ away money for college…these poor little boys are gonna need their daddy to fund some serious counseling when they’re older!

i mean really…c’mon!

nobody in their right mind would accessorize
a camo print with another print!!!

obviously, in this case…basic black…or…maybe…a splash of
color…a complimentary shade of green, perhaps…would’ve
been a much more fashion-conscious choice!

but this?  this just isn’t right…

– october 11, 2007

– – – 

heaven help them…

very sincerely,

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more sleep 101

okay, so we’ve established that a “sleepy head” is a key element in determin-
ing whether or not your little one has had a good night’s sleep…right?

let’s move on to naps then, shall we?

if, in a fraction of the time it takes to sleep through the night, your little one awakens with a “sleepy head” of…say…this caliber…

5-12-12 - 1

…you can rest assured that your precious little one
is getting all the rest that he (or she) needs!

5-12-12 - 2

okay, me thinks that, maybe…just maybe…mama’s
the only one gettin’ a giggle outta this!

– october 29, 2007

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the sleepy head chronicles

hmmm…“sleepy head”…

that reminds me

more “from the archives”…

i submit…in installments…for my viewing pleasure…“the sleepy head chronicles”…

– – –

5-2-12 - 1

how can you tell if your little one has had a good night’s sleep?

5-2-12 - 2

just take a look at their “sleepy head”, of course!

– march 22, 2006

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dear donut day,

i love you.

i love my two chocolate glazed donuts and my milk left in the freezer for just so long…

‘cause this

this little i just can’t relate to…

say…where’d he run off to, anyway?

– – –

i’m sorry, but i don’t…

4-28-12 - 1


4-28-12 - 2


4-28-12 - 3


4-28-12 - 4

…being this much fun!!!

– june 29, 2007

– – –

oh…that frizzy sleepy head…that ever-present goose egg…those endless silly faces!

seriouslywhere’d he run off to?!?


now i’m gonna need three donuts…

very sincerely,

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another 2k…worth o’ words!

oh my goodness!  how long has it been since i’ve shamelessly displayed pictures of my adorable little people?

i agree!  entirely too long!

so here’s a couple of shots…of the littlest two, at least…after alex and emma got a hold of ‘em…

4-13-12 - 1

kojak…minus his “lolly”…

4-13-12 - 2

…and our little “hip hopper”, 2 bitz!

get it?  kojak…ko-jack…‘cause he looks like the bald guy with a serious addiction to lollypops who’d always say, “who loves ya, baby?”…and, well, he’s a baby?


then how about 2 bitz…‘cause she’s two…and we call her “bits”…but i changed it to a “z” on account of the whole “hip hop” thing.  and there’s that rapper who calls himself “50 cent”…which, now that i think about it, doesn’t really make much cents…i mean sense…because “two bits” was actually the colonial equivalent of about 25¢, not 50…

well…anyway…you get the picture…

get it?


okay!  alright!  enough already!

– june 22, 2006

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dear blog,

i think that…every now and again…i’ll publish a post from our family’s previous blog

‘cause i’m nostalgic like that…

something “from the archives”…

very sincerely,

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