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10-30-13 - 3 - anthony vignette

pecks o’ perfect pun’kins picked!

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10-30-13 - 2 - henry

pun’kin pickin’

which-oh-which should a boy pick?!?

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looking and looking throughout my day…until my day was almost all spent

and then finally sitting down here in our bed…and hearing her

out of the dark of the room across the hall…just barely over the din of his fan…

the sound of our sweet hannah-girl singing that little eian to sleep

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on this day in…

~ 1993 ~

10-24-13 - anthony

1 + 20

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all of these glasses always sharing my counter…


(most) all of my littles always keeping “company” with me.

more every day reminders that littles live here!

just more…“and so on”…that there is life here!

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after we’d sat and snuggled and talked for awhile…and the sun had finally dipped down into the ocean…i asked, “can we take a quick picture of us?”

and he readily agreed…and started to take some

only…he just loves to tease with me

10-14 - 1

…and he took them when i wasn’t quite ready…

10-14 - 2

…or when i wasn’t quite ready…

10-14 - 3

…or when i still wasn’t quite ready…

or to (maybe) practice his “smiles”?

10-14 - 6

or…i just truly don’t know what!

and he was just cracking himself up23 whole times!

10-14 - 7

so i just gave up!  and just joined him in his fun!

10-14 - 4

‘cause he just makes me laugh…like no one else does

and i just truly can’t imagine spending this last 22 years with any one else…

10-14 - 8

but him!

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missing me

– alex’s image

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getting away for a bit

10-14-13 - henry

just him and me

– waiting our turn at wanda’s

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::  this morning i was squished-down cozy in our bed with the sweetest…just fresh…teeny baby…

and it was all still wrinkly…and rosy…and wearing one of those sweet little white nighties that draws tight at the feet and folds over the hands…

and then my eyes fluttered open and focused on the sun filtering through our curtains…and the empty spot next to me in our bed

and that just made me so sad

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dear blog,

it’s 8:37…in the a.m.

and that little eian-boy’s still sleeping

and i don’t know…

i just thought that i should maybe document this somewhere…

very sincerely,

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