yesterday morning…at the dawn of my 40th revolution around the sun…i awoke to rain…glorious…“see how much God loves me” rain…

so i jumped out of bed, changed that little leaker, threw on my tennie runners and headed out for my walk around the park…

halfway through, i pulled my cap off and let that rain really soak me through…

and when i got to “the cathedral”…that place in the trail where it meanders through all those big, tall trees…i threw my arms out, tipped my head back and sang along with matt redman…

Who shall we say You are
You’re the living God
Who shall we say You are
You’re the Great I AM
The highest name of all
You’re all You say You are

You are holy, holy, holy
God most high and God most worthy
You are holy, holy, holy
Jesus, You are
Jesus, You are

me all sillyhappywatching those glorious raindrops falling from the heavensfeeling them splash on my face

and then…one gloriously ginormous raindrop came down and hit me…right on my left eyeball!

proving that the devil was alive and well…even on my birthday!

when i got home, i made my family line right up and give me my birthday hugs…them all jammified and cozy…me all sloppy wet…

‘cause sometimes, i’m just kinda naughty like that…even when it’s not my birthday!

and the rest of my happy birthday was filled with personalized “we love you’s” from my kiddos…time spent here and there and finally here with my honey…reading sweet emails and listening to “happy birthday to you…” sung over the phone…

and this morning?  this morning as i walked…and shared the trail with others…i was brought to tears when i realized that i’ve never been alone on that trail before…


that God would purposeyesterdaytens of thousands of days after He first placed that sun in the sky and sent this earth spinning ‘round itto plant mealonein the cathedralin the rainwhile that songof all the songs on my ipodwas playing


He’s always “there”…but holy, holy, holy…did he ever meet me…and on my 40th birthday!

being 40…still not too sure how i feel about that

but turning 40?

well…i could say it was “a piece o’ cake” (it’d be more punny that way)…but i have to say…it was “a walk in the park”…

i will forever remember my 40th as a glorious…see how much God truly loves me…walk in the park…

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dear 40,

i don’t want to be you.

very sincerely,

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another 2k…worth o’ words!

oh my goodness!  how long has it been since i’ve shamelessly displayed pictures of my adorable little people?

i agree!  entirely too long!

so here’s a couple of shots…of the littlest two, at least…after alex and emma got a hold of ‘em…

4-13-12 - 1

kojak…minus his “lolly”…

4-13-12 - 2

…and our little “hip hopper”, 2 bitz!

get it?  kojak…ko-jack…‘cause he looks like the bald guy with a serious addiction to lollypops who’d always say, “who loves ya, baby?”…and, well, he’s a baby?


then how about 2 bitz…‘cause she’s two…and we call her “bits”…but i changed it to a “z” on account of the whole “hip hop” thing.  and there’s that rapper who calls himself “50 cent”…which, now that i think about it, doesn’t really make much cents…i mean sense…because “two bits” was actually the colonial equivalent of about 25¢, not 50…

well…anyway…you get the picture…

get it?


okay!  alright!  enough already!

– june 22, 2006

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dear blog,

i think that…every now and again…i’ll publish a post from our family’s previous blog

‘cause i’m nostalgic like that…

something “from the archives”…

very sincerely,

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“my life”

cast of characters: 

jason (“j.”, “j.j.”, “honey”) – the leader of the tribe; faithful, manly provider of things

darcie (“darc”) – his wife of 20 years; slightly older, much less wiser washer of the things

alexander (“alex”, “i’ya”) – his 19-year-old firstborn son; guitar player, dance party organizer and (overall) older brother extraordinaire

emma (“em”, “emmie”) – his 15-year-old daughter; expert knitter, crocheter and…God bless her…diaper changer

hannah (“hannah-girl”) – his 12-year-old daughter; lover of art, science, flora and fauna

claire (“clairie”, “clairie belle”) – his 10-year-old daughter; bookworm, cartoonist and bosom buddy to bits

elisabeth (“bits”, “bitsy”) – his 8-year-old daughter; infectious giggler, polly pocket lover and bosom buddy to claire

john (“jack”, “bubba”) – his 6-year-old son; tenderhearted back rubber and ear-bender

william (“will”, “wee’um”) – his 4-year-old son; spectacle wearer, lisp bearer and consistent provider of comic relief

eian (“baby”, “eian b’eian”) – his 7½-month-old son; smiley, squishy and utterly chubbalicious 



a 1950’s ranch-style home in the suburbs of p-town.


act 1
scene 1

(the dining room.  the children sit at the dining room table diligently working on their studies.  sunlight streams through the sliding glass door, bathing them in soft white light and creating a halo effect around each of their bowed heads.  the baby sits on a blanket on the floor entertaining himself with an assortment of sensory-stimulating toys.  we hear the buzzer of the drier sound from the adjoining laundry room.  darcie enters stage right.  she’s wearing a yellow and white check cotton dress, kitten heels and a ruffled apron tied snugly with a smart bow.  she passes through the kitchen as she makes her way to the laundry room, stopping momentarily to lift the lid of the crock pot and check on her pot roast.  jason enters from the garage stage left.)

jason: [stops abruptly and glances around in confusion; then with a smirk] okay…ha ha…very funny.  now, who are you people and what have you done with my real life?


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i woke to a full day ahead…more blur

sweet emma grace…bless her heart…whispers, “mom, you might want to grab your camera.”


and there…right there

see it?

focus…amidst the “all a blur”…

jammified and cozied by the crackling fire…bits sharing dr. suess with baby…

my mama’s heart all melty

best start to a blurry day!

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dear blog,

okay…i used to do this…“keep” you…

it’s been awhile…

back then, it was just a way to keep in touch with everyone while we were so far away…

but now

now, i just wanna keep in touch…with my life

it’s going by so fast…all a blur…

i don’t want to miss any of it

i want to be…herenow

to live it…this one life…not just remember it…

so i’m gonna pin bits and pieces of it…moments…down here…

to try to slow it down a bit…keep it in focus…

no more “i’ll start tomorrow”…

but now

very sincerely,

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