fifty-two mondays…

fifty-two reasons…and then some…to smile!


who knew!?!

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sneaking away after half had headed off to bed…and meeting with the two of them…my “triad”…

giggling…and encouraging…and exhorting…

and praying


not getting to sleep until well after this day had turned into the next…

and instead of feeling tiredfeeling amazingly refreshed!

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escaping to the mountain…to the same place we’ve been retreating to now for 22 years…

the “snow cabin”

that does sit on the mountain…but where there’s never always snow…

for 5 whole days and 4 whole sleeps filled with a crackling fire…and movies all curled up…and naughty-nummy food…and puzzles pieced together…and giggles ‘round games…and soaks in the big bearclaw tub…and long walks…

3-24-14 - b

and the rushing of the river bending ‘round us the first sound heard when we wake, and the last as we drift off to sleep

and the sole little magnet on the fridge declaring my thoughts…exactly

“i come to the mountain to breathe!

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getting my monthly visit with dr. liz…

and doing more chatting and giggling…more “catching up” than “checking up”

and hearing that sweetest little heartbeat again!

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waking to the sound of him outside chopping the kindling for this morning’s fire…

i’m gonna miss that sound when the weather turns warmer

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chocolate chip mint ice cream in the freezer

and stealing a spoonful (or 4) throughout my day!

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::  it’s all ‘cause he wants to be a good example for me…on how to apply the Truth we heard today on “sabbath rest”…that he’s lying here next to me in grampa’s old chair with all those snores escaping his lips!

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him and me locking our door.  locking out the kids…and the “to do’s”…and (even) the start of this monday!

getting to visit with dr. liz…and hearing that little heartbeat again

finding a sweet note in my box when we got back home.  a sweet friend just checking on me ‘cause she was worried…that i was worried…about the (maybe) not getting to hear it again…

and getting to sit next to a doe-eyed little mister…and sharing a dinner with him and his daddy and mama.  prepared for just them…and him and me

altogether a lovely…and very smiley…monday!

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leftover slivers of soaps

my gramma ruth was a “saver”…having been born in the 20’s…grown up in the depression of the 30’s…and lived and served through a world war…

it was always fascinating…when i was still young and whenever we were out at the farm…to steal away down to the basement and poke through the time capsule that was her cellar closet…

or into auntie terry’s bedroom…where everything had stayed the way that she’d left it when she’d walked out the door as a new bride on that fall day in 1974.  her bureau top was still laid out with her childhood nick-knacks…her spread on the bed unchanged…her prom dress even-still hanging in the closet!

so after gramma passed, a lot of the things that my sisters came across as they worked to empty her house came as no surprise…

but there were a few

one, in particular, was the stash of leftover slivers of soaps that my younger sister discovered when she opened the cupboard doors and peered beneath the bathroom sink…

years…and years…worth of slivers!

some things were dispersed among family…some were donated…and some were (even) thrown away…

but some…like those soaps…my sister just couldn’t bear to toss…

so they went home with her and sat at her house for a time…until just this last christmas…when she had a (most) lovely thought

and when i opened our family’s gift from hers…i was so excited to find amongst the nummy homemade pickles and jams and jellies she’d made…my very own jar of gramma ruth’s soaps!

my older sister, my younger and i…none of us inherited the “saving” gene…

we’re more the opposite, really…gramma wouldn’t understand our tendency to periodically “purge”…

but the very thought that grampa and gramma’s work-worn hands lathered up with these soaps before supper…after a long day down at the barn or out in the fields…makes them worth my hanging ontowell worth my saving

that…and the priceless gift of getting to crack the lid every now and again and breathe in that all-too-familiar…but i never dreamed i’d smell againfragrance of them!

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