dear little people,

since this new year dawned, i’ve been spending bits of time flipping through our life…the “2012” edition…

all of the moments made memories…captured by all of you…

imagine my surprise

that out of all of those moments you all captured…it was eian you were most focused on

that little one daddy and i didn’t even know was missing…

that little one you all asked for

that little one we all love just so very much!

thank you for capturing so much of him…

i know it’s getting harder and harder to do!

how very thankful daddy and i are that you all asked!

how very thankful we are that He answered “yes”!

how so very…absolutely…thankful we are…for all of you!

and for all of the moments…captured and not…we were all blessed to share in 2012…

very sincerely,
me (your excited-to-see-what-moments-you-capture-of-2013 mama)


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