dear daddy-to-mine,

to mine…nine!

oh, my

can you believe it?

you and me! 

we get to share another new little someone!

i mean…just imagine that

and wasn’t that just so…always…like Him?

when i went to press “publish” on that little post the other day

and realized that my 9th monday’s reason to smile

was about our 9th newest little someone!?!

hasn’t He just always been that kind of amazing?

His timing…even in the things seemingly so insignificantis always…just so absolutely amazing like that!

yes…that’s just always been just so like Him

His planting me right in front of you…His setting us on and leading us all along this sometimes-straight-but-more-times-than-not-twisty-turny path…His filling our arms with all these littles all along the way!

all…and every last little bit of it…just in His most amazingly perfect timing!

and, hey…have i ever told you how grateful i am to be sharing this path…and all these littleswith you?

how very grateful i am that they have you for their dad?

well…i am!

and i’m just hoping you’re feeling so very loved by all these littles today…

these mine…and yours!

‘cause you just so definitely are!

more than these…or any other wordscould ever possibly say!

very sincerely,

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